It’s Time To Gogreen


It’s Time To Gogreen

We, at Parveen Travels, are responsible corporate citizens. Whenever you book your bus tickets online in any of our gogreen buses through, one sapling is planted.

We believe that every small ‘GREEN’ step taken today would go a long way in building a greener future and that each one of us can work towards a better global environment ‘Go Green’ is an initiative that moves beyond moving ourselves, our processes and our customers to cost efficient automated channels to building awareness and consciousness of our environment, our nation and our society.

  • Is it possible to go green?
  • Is it possible to help our world?
  • Is it possible for us to help each other?
  • Is it possible for one person to make a difference?
  • Is it possible for one little change to make a difference?

The answer is yes. We can do anything if we put our mind to it. Nothing is impossible unless we discourage ourselves from acting

Why is there global warming now? Is it because we don’t care? Or is it because we think that we, ourselves, cannot make a difference alone? We believe that all of us want to make a change in the world today.

How can we save our planet from the results of our harmful activity? To begin with, we should reduce pollution, because it the cause of numerous problems.

We must not litter in the street, parks and forests. We should recycle wastes in order to save our priceless natural recourses.

We should use public transport more frequently, because it does not release numerous harmful gases, which cause greenhouse effect and global warming.

Besides, everyone cannot afford big changes. Going green is a big plan. It’s a goal and we all need to achieve it together

But need to achieve it one step at a time. We will achieve the goal we have, and when we do, it will prove that we as humans know how to work together! So let’s GO GREEN! :)

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