Few tips to make your solo travel safe & secure. Interested?

Travelling alone can sometimes be intimidating from the comfort of your home. So many questions arise before you think of traveling alone for the first time or every time you travel you alone.What happens if I get abandoned somewhere? Can I go out in the night? What if I get robbed? Won't I feel awkward to eat in a restaurant alone?

Solo travel has its perils, the most important being safety concerns. Without a buddy to watch your back, you become are more vulnerable to criminals.Having said that, a solo traveler can blend in more easily than a group, not drawing attention to you as a tourist, is one way to stay secure during your travel.

Traveling alone gives you the chance to indulge in yourself fully.Travelling solo is beneficial as it expands our horizons and makes us realize the importance of exploring and not living in one place all the time.

    Tips while traveling alone

  • Leave a copy of your schedule with your friend/ family member & stay in touch with them regularly
  • Blend with the crowd as much as possible
  • Be smart and safe all the time
  • Trust your instincts - Always
  • Have a list of your emergency contact numbers
  • Pack sensibly for your trip
  • Don’t attract unwanted attention to yourself by wearing flashy clothes.
  • Exude self-confidence and walk purposefully.

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