Plastic has become more popular than ever before.

It seems like plastic is almost everywhere. But it turns out to be hazardous to your health and your planet.

Get the facts, and find out how you can take action to solve the plastic problem and cut back on your use of single-use plastics. How harmful is plastic? And what about plastic bans? Do they actually work? Or are there better ways to tackle plastic pollution? How does plastic harm human health?

Research has found that many chemicals used in plastic production can cause health problems for humans. When BPA is used in food or beverage containers, not the entire chemical gets sealed into the product. Some of it leaches out. Especially when exposed to heat or sunlight. The primary source of human exposure to BPA is through packaged foods and drinks.

BPA is a known hormone disruptor and strongly linked to a number of diseases, including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, cancer, infertility, low sperm count, liver problems, and ADHD.

- Keep reusable shopping bags with you always, & Use less single-use plastic
- Use glass jars for leftovers and storage
- Buy in bulk when you can
- Bring your own utensils
- Carry your water bottle everywhere

The future of your health, and your world, will be impacted by the choices you make today! Choose wise!

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